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Chances are, your idea of a perfect wedding is completely different from that of your parents. Here are current wedding trends across the country  that your family members may balk at... AND grab some current trends that you'll actually WANT to do! 
Technology has ruined the greatest insults of our childhood...
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Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
Pike and his girlfriend are moving in together and Pike is upset she won't let him take his wrestling trophy case with, so we take calls on whether he should get to or not. Plus the Bachelorette Andi speaks out on one of the contestants accusations in the Hollywood Lowdown!

A Fargo woman makes a controversial facebook post about her daughter, calling her a "spoiled brat." We talk to her, plus the Bachelorette finale is nothing short of dramatic in the Hollywood Lowdown!

What are the the things that guys should ABSOLUTELY stop saying to girls? We cover that, plus a catfight breaks out on instagram between two huge celebrities in the Hollywood Lowdown!

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