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Halle was recently spotted without her wedding ring, and a source says they're separated...
want to know if you are a violator? See the complete list here...
An eight-year-old from Baltimore named Zion Harvey developed a bad infection when he was two, and had to have both of his hands AND feet amputated.  But now he's the first kid in the world to get a double hand TRANSPLANT.  More here. 
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
The top things that parents need to bribe their kids to get them to do, plus the details of the drama-filled bachelorette finale, and the most bizarre case of arson you've ever heard.

Pike serves his punishment for being late last week, and it is glorious. Plus we give you 8 foods that will make you look younger!

Pike committed a Jesse and Amanda with Pike in the Morning Felony... he was late. Not only was he shamed on air, but we had to come up with an idea for his public punishment! Also, a grandma got in accident because she was doing something ridiculous while driving.

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