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Here are two tricks  that supposedly help with a stuffy nose, and only take a few seconds.
The family of Jim Carrey’s ex girlfriend Cathriona White has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the actor. Details here. 
It's been drilled into our heads that we need to take down at least 64 ounces of water a day . . .find out what you REALLY need with Cori's Big Pin of the Day!
A Kim Kardashian-inspired robbery victim getup just in time for Halloween. Too soon?
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
Intern Daddy's Girl is called out for stealing, and her dad even calls in. Plus Justin Bieber is at it again, and a crazy man does something crazy for attention.

We have another around of Monday Morning "Make Me Laugh," plus Billy Bush gets his punishment for his involvement in the trump tape, and a study reveals what kind of people "selfie-takers" are.

We discuss the passive-aggressive ways that women get on men's nerves, plus more details on the Kim Kardashian robbery!

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