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Jordan Rodgers’ brother Luke appeared to reveal the winner of the current season...
He's taking his "supportive boyfriend" role seriously!!!
But what she did next is ALARMING!
It looks like Taylor Swift had a premonition that someone would try and screw her over in the future.
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
A study shows that public bathrooms are even grosser than you thought, Pike tries once again to defend a Justin Bieber screw-up, and the trends from the '00s that are coming back!

Eric Braeden, aka Victor Newman, from the Young and the Restless calls in to the show, plus the things that annoy us most about having a passenger in your car.

Jesse encounters a kid putting himself in danger because of Pokemon, Taylor Swift is busted lying by Kim and Kanye, and a teenage boy meets the woman of his dreams at a funeral. 

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