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Awards for the DUMBEST advances in science this year...
A triumphant Corey Feldman tells the AP that he plans to return to TODAY for a second musical performance in the coming weeks following his viral appearance on the show earlier this month. More here. 
Angelina Jolie has reportedly severed all communication with estranged husband Brad Pitt after filing for divorce. More details here. 
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
It was another Monday Morning "Make Me Laugh," plus Amanda was back to give us the details on her breast reduction surgery, and more details on the Brangelina divorce in the Hollywood Lowdown.
Amanda is having her breast-reduction surgery, so of course we had a "Boob-Voyage" Memorial with all sorts of special guest speakers from Amanda's past!

Another round of "Monday Morning Make Me Laugh." Will Pike make Jesse laugh? Find out!

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