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Ascendant Spirits   The Distillery Ascendant Spirits is the first distillery in Santa Barbara County to legally produce whisky, vodka, moonshine and other spirits since prohibition. Located in the heart of California wine country at the gateway
Full list of school delays here. . . 
Sweethearts ran a contest this year where kids could submit suggestions for new phrases on conversation hearts . . . and they picked three phrases directly from kids!!
Stories like this just make me develop a new respect for "Weekend at Bernie's" . . . 
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
After we tweeted about something she said on the View, Rosie O' Donnell called in to the show talk with us! Not only does she invite us to come to a taping of the View, but she also seems to a special interest in someone on the show...

We debate the huge controversy over "ballgate" or the accusation of the Patriots cheating, plus we talk about the West Fargo kid who was on American Idol!

Things get heated when Jesse and Pike claim that tipping at buffets is not necessary. 

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