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If you're getting ready for a Fourth of July road trip, get ready to ARGUE.
It's Cori's Big Pin of the Day. Get some great tips here to keep your pup safe this summer!
and Requires Zero Exercise!? Could this be true???
"The Daily Show" has been reaching out to the "enemies" JON STEWART has made over the years, to get them to participate in a special, pre-taped segment for his final episode...
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
A man sues his surgeon after some shady things happened during surgery, plus a tragic update in the Bobbi Christina Brown situation, and a story about a girl born with a birth defect that will give you goosebumps.
You won't believe what a group of 14 year olds invented, plus more details on P. Diddy's freakout at his son's practice, and a strange man is arrested for licking WHAT!?

It turns out "adult summer camps" are a thing and they are awesome, plus a lady's Fit bit helps catch her in a lie, and Jesse has a massive problem with Pike's hygiene.
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