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Cori's Big Pin of the Day brought to you by The Salon Professional Academy will help you with Mom's day shopping!
A Pizzeria just invented a new way to deliver pizza and you are going to LOVE it!!!
A two-year-old girl from Brazil named Nicolly Pereira suffers from pediatric glaucoma, so she's been blind since birth.  And on top of that, she's also been deaf her entire life.  More here. 
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
A woman is getting backlash after she suggests that women should get "Me-ternity Leave" even if they don't have kids, plus things are getting nasty with Prince's estate, and a fast food manager gets busted on video!

A woman gets into a fight with her parents and somehow winds up naked, plus more details on the death of Prince, and a new app can help save you from body odor!

We discuss the bra problems that ALL females have encountered, the ridiculous new words that have been added to the dictionary, and an 18 year old gets arrested for filling his water cup up with soda!

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