Tyrese aplogizes to his wife and fans for public meltdown!

Tyrese took to Instagram over the weekend to issue an apologize to his fans and family for his erratic online behaviorover the past several weeks. The Fast & Furious star blamed his breakdown on Rexulti, a drug that's typically used to treat symptoms of depression or schizophrenia. "Have I been stressed about losing my daughter? Yes. But after seeing several psychiatrists and therapists trying to help me out, one of the psychiatrists suggested some medicine, and it really f**ked me up in a real way," Tyrese, who is in a custody battle over his 10-year-old girl, said in a video. "If you know me, the way I know you do, you knew that something had to be wrong, and I was not in my normal mind state." The actor went on to say that he doesn't have a mental illness and doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs. "I’m in the clear now, this is being flushed out of my system and I’m already to get back at 100 percent," he noted. WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbXrBRfHVG1/?taken-by=tyrese
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