Epic Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

A paraplegic man and his fiancée's awesome pregnancy announcement on Reddit has turned them into a viral sensation. The photo shows 23-year-old Todd Krieg giving an enthusiastic thumbs-up as 25-year-old Amanda Diesen holds up an ultrasound photo. The wall behind them reads, "It still works!" The Ohio-based couple met at a rehabilitation center in 2014; Krieg is a former dirt bike racer who was paralyzed in a biking accident and Diesen worked at the facility as a recovery specialist. The pair fell in love and moved in together two years later. "We are two of the goofiest people together," Diesen tells TODAY. "I feel our story is very unique and inspiring, and my hope is that it brings hope to anyone else looking for love--that it literally can happen in the most unexpected place with the most unexpected person--so be open to change." She adds, "Of course there are moments of sadness and we can't joke about it all the time--he truly is in pain constantly--but I'm thankful to do life together and to be able to bring him up. Todd brings so much joy to my life and everyone around us, and I can't wait to watch him be an amazing father to our son."  

You want to see the announcement??  HERE