The Big Workday Payday is Back!

The Big Workday Payday Is Back!

Win one month's salary up to $5,000! Sign up below for your chance to win!!

Listen to Big 98.7 for your name at 7:11am, 11:11am and 4:11pm. When you hear your name, you have 9 minutes and 87 seconds to call us at back at #701-280-1987! You get $100 instantly!! Plus, you qualify to win one month's salary up to $5,000!!!

Once you win your $100, you and a guest will get in free to our BIG Workday Payday Party at Shotgun Sally's pn Friday, November 17th! 98 cent drink special, live music, and someone (maybe YOU) will win ONE MONTH'S SALARY!!!


Big Work Day Pay Day
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