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According to a new study, the season you were born might determine certain things about your PERSONALITY.  It doesn't have to do with how the stars line up though.  It has to do with a BUNCH of different factors, like how much
We're getting into cold and flu season...
If someone breaks up with you, there ARE ways to win them back.  This isn't one of them. 
 Chef Eric entices our taste buds with Pheasant.  
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
Once you hear what this girl survived ten years ago, and what she's doing now, it will definitely make you re-think things. We talked with a very special guest this morning , Sarah.

What do you consider "bad cellphone etiquette?" We give you the official list, plus Bruce Jenner has moved on from Mama Kardashian and you'll never guess with who, and we give you a list of hollywood stars that have NEVER been married!

Jesse and Pike are very critical of a new list that women put out of the "Signs you have a girl you should never let go," and then we cover what the best foods in America are.

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