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Oxford Dictionaries just announced their word of the year for 2015, and they picked . . .
HOWEVER, this ad seems to warrant people being offended!!! Bloomingdale's has to step up...
They started dating about a year ago after they met on but when they found out about their past...
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
A story that was thought to be a hate crime at first, turned out to be something entirely different, plus Jesse and Pike manage to annoy Amanda (shocker) throughout the entire Hollywood Lowdown, and an airline loses a part of someone's body.

We talk about the 6 most hated words by women, plus Gwen Stefani opens up about her divorce, and an 8 year old boy is requesting that Jesse, Amanda and Pike play a big role in his life.

We give you what ages you are when certain body parts start to deteriorate, plus we hear from one of Charlie Sheen's former goddesses who claims he is lying! 

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