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When was the last time you took out your cell phone in public, and why? There is a big percentage of us don't even know WHY we do it!!!
Will she change the game for job placement??
The song they sang together was priceless.
a SHOCKINGLY high number of women have!!!
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
The 7 ways to show a woman that you love her, plus Josh Duggar gets OWNED by his brother-in-law, and the phrases that people most commonly screw up.

The 9 moms that you'll meet on the first day of school, plus more dirt on Josh Duggar comes out, and a man receives the first ever bionic... well, you know.

An area family had disaster strike this week when their house burned down, we talked with them and gave them a BIG surprise! Also, a big Hollywood breakup in the Lowdown, and you won't believe what this woman had growing inside her for 40 years!

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