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you'll REALLY be surprised to learn what she pays in some states!!!
A company called Wicked Cool Toys is working with the Girl Scouts to release an Easy Bake Oven-style toy that will let kids bake Girl Scout cookies at home . . .
This teacher is amazing and what she is doing for this 6 year-old will warm your heart... More here! 
Well someone with WAY too much time on their hands crunched the numbers and estimated that it could've been ...
Jesse & Amanda With Pike In The Morning Podcast
We give you five strange qualities of smart people, plus an E Entertainment reporter is being called racist after a comment she made, and a touching story about a boy in desperate need of a kidney!

We granted another Big Christmas wish this morning to a woman battling stage 4 cancer, listen to her story!
We have a classic "banjo" story about a woman stealing from Wal-Mart, plus Tyga breaks his silence about dating Kylie Jenner in the Hollywood Lowdown, and we discuss Lent and some of the ridiculous things about it!

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